10 Reasons Why Manchester United Will Beat Barcelona in the Champions League Final

1) Manchester United has the strongest defence out of all the teams in Europe. They have Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic as defenders and also Edwin van der Sar as goalie. Edwin van der Sar had a record-breaking streak of over 1000 minutes without conceding a goal in the season. Although Barcelona has very strong attack (scoring over 100 goals in the spanish league this season), Manchester United can easily stop them from scoring.

2) Manchester United has very strong attack. Strikers include Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dimitar Berbatov and also Carlos Tevez. They have a wide choice of strikers, including some young players from the reserve team, like Macheda.

3) Manchester United has some experienced players like Ryan Giggs and  วิธีสมัคร ufabet Paul Scholes. They have been in the team for over 10 years and also played in the 1999 Champions League final (Manchester United beat Bayern Munich 2-1). They can use their experience to help Manchester United win the match. They can control the tempo of the match easily, and make it easy for their own teammates to play.

4) Manchester United broke many records in the Champions League this season. They were the first team to go into the quarter-finals as defending champions in the last few seasons. They were also the first team to go to the semi-finals and finals as defending champions in the last few seasons. If they had broken so many records, why not break another one? They can become the first team in Champions League history (after it changed its name) to be back-to-back champions.

5) Manchester United has a extremely hardworking player, Park Ji-Sung. He runs around in the pitch all the time and he does really well man-to-man marking. Also, Sir Alex Ferguson (the coach/manager) promised to let him play in the final, so he will be expected to perform well.

6) Manchester United has a good and experienced coach/manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. He has been managing the team for more than 20 years and has a lot of experience. He can make the right choice of who to substitute in the match and tries his best to lead the team to victory.

7) Manchester United has a very well-trained midfield consisting of Michael Carrick, Ryan Giggs, C Ronaldo and Park Ji-Sung. Carrick and Giggs usually defend and Ronaldo and Park usually attack. They have very unique ways of playing football and it will be difficult for Barcelona players to predict what strategy they are going to use.