Botox Versus Anti Aging Serums – Which is Better?

With all the media hype and advertising that we are bombarded with it’s really hard to know what really works these days. With so many skin creams, companies and advertisers will do anything to get out attention. One of the latest “buzz words” is so-called serums. The question then is, what’s really better when it comes to results. Botox or anti aging serums?

Truth is, it depends on who you ask.

Some people prefer Botox injections because its results are often instantaneous. This makes it ideal for people who simply cannot wait for results. Plus, maintenance is minimal. They do not have to take shots everyday or even every week because the effects of Botox can last for duration of three or even up to six months.

What is the downside?

Most people can only think of one – the cost. As a fact Botox injections can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. And to a regular Joe, that price is still too much. SoSkincell Advanced customer reviews if they cannot afford the “expensive” Botox injections, they turn to another alternative, anti aging serums.

Compared to creams, an anti aging serum is often colorless and it has thinner consistency. They are often sold in small vials as opposed to tubs or bottles. Like Botox, they achieve to help minimize or eliminate wrinkles and dark age spots. They also often contain natural ingredients like vitamin C, E, and collagen producing enzymes that increase the flexibility of the skin.

Apart from a cheaper price, a lot of people prefer them because they target the cause of wrinkles from within. It “feeds” the skin and helps the skin to rejuvenate and restore. Unlike surgery that actually works against your skin.

In terms of disadvantages, some people do not like them because they are just too troublesome. In order for the users to get the results they want, they have to religiously continue on applying the solution everyday. In addition, sometimes it takes weeks or months before they notice the results that they have been waiting for.

Sure, Botox and other surgical procedures are a quick fix and it can deliver instant results but the long term consequences is still relatively unknown. Some people are known to have bad reactions to it – even years down the line. Serums are slower in delivering results but it much safer and in most cases much kinder to your skin.