Is the Old Order Changing in English Football?

The 2006/2007 season in the English premiership has thrown up some pleasant surprises in terms of the results obtained so far. A few clubs that would not have been given a chance of surviving in the premiership for even one season are performing well, while on the other hand, some traditionally strong clubs are struggling to stay in the premiership.

A few months ago, who could have predicted that a club like Portsmouth, which barely managed to stay in the premiership last season would stay in the top half of the league table?

Well, they have surprised all and sundry, and have not gone beyond the seventh position in the league till date. At a point in time, they were in the third position for about a week.

Reading is another football team that has taken many by surprise this โบนัสฟรี ufabet season. The team has literally come from nowhere to stay in the top half of the league table for most of the season. They have defeated some of the traditionally strong teams and their performances have thrilled many observers.

On the other hand, clubs that are regarded as top clubs like Middlesbrough, Wigan and Charlton have struggled to find their form all season. Charlton is in the relegation zone, while Wigan is just above them in the drop zone. Middlesbrough, the club that was last year%u2019s UEFA cup finalists has struggled to find their form all season long, and is currently in the bottom half of the league table.

Teams that were expected to mount a serious challenge for champion%u2019s league places like Tottenham, Everton, Aston Villa and Newcastle have just put in average performances all season long. It%u2019s not likely that any of them will get a slot in the champion%u2019s league this season, although they could still reasonably get an UEFA cup slot.

With the performances of the lowly rated clubs this season, could it be that the traditional balance